VTSS Completes Sale of Bucher V802S to Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Vacuum Truck Sales & Service is proud to announce the recent sale of its second Bucher Municipal North America Sweepers V802S vacuum sweeper to Louisiana Department Of Transportation and Development.

The V802S is a single engine vacuum sweeper, which greatly reduces overall yearly maintenance cost and fuel costs. This single engine machine has a patented (HGB2) hydrostatic gearbox that provides improved sweeping speed and control, creating a more efficient advantage to dual engine machines.

This patented gearbox is also capable of handling the high torque transmissions with engines up to 280 hp.
The single engine sweeper is capable of using high power engines that can sweep efficiently without overloading the gearbox, and with its 170 gallon fuel capacity it allows operators to spend more time sweeping. The hydrostatic drive, single engine design system is lighter than the equivalent twin engine sweeper allowing more payload.

For more information about this sweeper, or any of our other equipment offerings, please contact Davis Taylor at 225-313-2133.