Used IBAK PANORAMO SI Portable Manhole System & 2017 Ford Transit Van for Sale!



The PANORAMO SI utilizes the same unique digital technology that powers PANORAMO mainline equipment. Quickly and safely capture internal manhole images and geometry in seconds. Capture data in the field and review the data back in the comfort of your office. Share data between departments quickly and easily. Measure and analyze manhole condition from your computer or laptop. Provide your internal and external customers with incredibly accurate data. Export internal manhole geometry to CAD for further analysis. The PANORAMO SI provides users with better data, more information, a safer workplace and a better return on investment. This portable system includes the following:


 PANORAMO SI Manhole Inspection System


  • 360º Scanning of manholes
  • For 12" to 60" structures
  • Includes camera, adapter, tools
  • Includes scan software


KW180 SI Cable Reel

  • Remote control pendant FB180
  • Automatic Level Wind
  • Includes foldable boom Positioning devise for Panoramo SI

Camera Cable 300 feet, Type 00/12 FO


Mounting Kit for PANORAMO SI

  • Includes all required cables and controls for portable SI units


BE 5 PANORAMO SI Controller

  • Works only with the SI
  • 19" rack mount
  • Ideal for SI stand-alone system PANORAMO - PCI Interface card

19" Industrial PANORAMO PC for PANORAMO SI


19" Industrial PANORAMO PC For PANORAMO SI Stand-Alone Unit These specifications or greater:

» Core Duo Processor

» 4 GB RAM

» GeForce Video Card with 512MB

» 80 GB Solid State OS Hard Drive


IBAK PANARAMO SI package continued:


» 1 TB hard disk for IPF data

» DVD-R/CD-RW drive

» 1U Self-Contained KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) Built Into Case

» Operating system Windows 7 Professional

» 500GB Dockable USB Portable Hard Drive



PANORAMO SI Stand Alone Control Case and Reel Platform


*Protected case for computer and electronics

*KW180 rack with ability to be moved in and out of vehicle


PipeLogix Software Package

  •  PipeLogix Manhole Inspection Software 
  • Full License 
  • Lite License 
  • Panoramo 360 Analysis Module 
  • Panoramo 360 Capture Module 
  • 3D Measurement Moduel for Panoramo SI 
  • Software Setup and Training (2-Days On-Site)         




  • 2017 Ford S7EO Transit Connect XL Van, VIN# NM0LS7E74H1297833
  • 2017 Ford Connect Van includes: Company Logo on both sides, Aluminum Wheels, Bluetooth/Satellite Radio,


  • LED Traffic Arrow Board, LED Strobe Light and 110 VAC Power Inverter


Price includes: IBAK Factory Training, the IBAK SI Scanner System, PipeLogix Software & 2017 Ford Transit Connect Van.


Total Price F.O.B.                                                                


Local Sales Tax will be charged at time of sale


Terms: Payment upon delivery